How to Make Money Right Away with CPA Marketing

Hai, Imers sharing knowledge time,Weekly update more about Affiliate, that is my favorite, these time all about CPA Marketing & how to get instanly money,  so here is sharing info from Brian from BG media innovation and he will  gonna show you how to make immediate money with cpa marketing so you maybe you know somebody that made money with CPA marketing,  but you’ve tried it yourself and you know it’s not giving you the results that you’re looking for.

So let us throw all those rules out the window and today we’re gonna talk about how you can get immediate results right off the bat so buckle up because we’re going for a ride alright guys so today we’re gonna rustle up some jimmies as they like to say and some people aren’t gonna like this and that’s totally fine so if you get turned off at you know whatever point during this video feel free to go ahead and just shut it off it’s totally fine now this is something that Brian has been experimenting with both as an answer to you know other people’s questions and just says you know to see if I because he is basically curious about it.

He does a lot of different CPA marketing strategies and he has a bunch of courses on CPA  marketing and the different business models that go into CPA marketing essentially and if you don’t know what CPA marketing is i’m gonna assume that the base the vast majority of people that are reading this article  does.

CPA marketing is basically cpa stands for Cost Per Action so you get paid you know per action from companies on CPA  networks that you know basically go there to you know generate leads and that’s what you’re doing so for example here you see jet generic viagra pay per call so if you can get somebody to you know sign up and viagra can call them then they’re gonna pay you 840 per lead now a lot of them that i like to go into or you know this is a good one for a survey so if someone signs up their email for this survey and you know probably fills out one survey you get 740 per lead and so on and so forth the ones that i technically like to go for are the single opt-in so to speak so you don’t necessarily have to verify your email and that’s key because a lot of people you want to kind of negate the barrier to entry as much as possible so if you can kind of go this is actually a good one you can see i bookmarked it here anybody that it’s actually in the CPM marketing this is a phenomenal one it’s a goldmine so single opt-in basically all someone does.

I send them to this landing page and they fill out this simple form with their email address and hit get started as soon as they hit get started and fill out their city their email address and what they’re looking for I gets what is it seven seven fifty per person that does that so something to keep in mind Brian  been doing this legit for a while with this actual this this offer now there’s a bunch of different ways to get into CPA marketing.

Now i’m going to talk to you about the different strategies that go into cpa marketing how you can actually make money with it before I actually get into the immediate way that you can do that now .

now CPA marketing mastery and innovation is something that I literally pretty much came up with you know I’m sure other people do it I’m not sure that other people teach courses on it

I use my email marketing knowledge in my CPA marketing knowledge and I teach you how to combine the two and basically what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna generate targeted emails and you’re gonna mass email just targeted email lists people you know who the CPA marketing so for example if we went back to that offer that I showed you before I don’t know if it’s still up um caring for a parent assisted living so I would go through the internet and scour the internet and I show you how to do this in this course and find targeted leads for people that are actually you know have parents that are that need assisted living or are relatively close to that so that that that email list would obviously be extremely targeted to people that might need this service and then what I would do is that something could copy in an email and you know obviously this link in the email and you know just blast out the email list now your conversion rates aren’t going to be that great because you’re sending cold emails to cold leads but it does make money it is very successful and you can do it it doesn’t take that much effort whatsoever I promise you that very very cool this is something you know obviously a best-seller for a reason it’ll blow your mind now getting into the basically the the new one now you can see here that it definitely rustled some jimmies up people did not like it so I got three point six it’s relatively new I just introduced it and basically what this is is to put it simply it’s IP hopping now comment down below after you know you hear that the strategies taught that I’m about to teach you and let me know how much of a sleazeball you think I am for introducing this now I want to first and foremost say that in this course I have a full disclaimer says I do not do this I merely tested it to give answers because I am an entrepreneur and one of the things that being an entrepreneur is is basically being a problem solver well I get I if you don’t know anything about you know me and this friend that’s making money with CPA marketing I’m following X Y or Z on you know YouTube that makes money with CPA marketing I’m not seeing results you know what should I do? or the similar question that I get asked a lot is basically you know I want to do I want to start this pop business model or this business model or this business model but I don’t have any in me immediate funds I don’t have any initial money to invest to get started because don’t kid yourself you either need money to invest or time to invest both are currencies so if you don’t have the initial money to get started I really don’t have a lot of answers for people basically what I say is well you need to start saving up you need to you know basically roll your sleeves up and get to work and pick one of them and stick to it but you know if you’re getting into something like Amazon FBA or you know something along those lines where you’re gonna need some money to basically generate initially to invest into the business model so that it can grow and you can see success with it I don’t I I never really had an immediate answer for people that could just give them money right off the bat so what I did is I kind of use my knowledge about CPA marketing and you know different proxies and IP addresses and I put that into a course where I could basically give someone an answer so now that when I get that question I say listen you know do this at your own discretion I don’t necessarily do this but it does work if you want to do it and it will pay you right off the bat so that’s where this you know that’s where I’m basically getting into with this so CPA marketing ninja immediate results is my course on this basically in a nutshell what it does is it teaches you to use you know clearly on Mon max bounty right here you can use any CPA network whether it’s peer fly.

you know max bounty any of them down the list you can google them there’s a million CPA networks out there and basically what it does in a nutshell teaches you to IP hop and use proxies to essentially get paid you know by clicking your own links now that is very very unethical so to speak it’s not something that I definitely recommend to do and I give you a bunch of different examples of how you can protect yourself and basically IP hop and use proxies and identify other computers in your area that you can utilize for free and then you can basically earn money and pay yourself and earn up to about you know a couple grand now this isn’t a sustainable business model clearly because there’s only a select amount of IPS that you can endless proxies and you’re not going to want to abuse it because then it’ll be completely obvious but something to keep in mind if you’re looking for you know innovative ways and innovative strategies like I said before if you’re watching my content you’re probably into making money online in some you know capacity whether that’s Amazon FBA whether that’s email marketing,  drop shipping you know all the way down the board or it’s just marketing in general you’re into making money online and you’re into making money nobody’s in nobody’s watching this content you know to be a saying as  nobody’s watching this content to a spec you know essentially you know go yeah I don’t even know the word I’m looking for is but but basically what I’m trying to say is I’m just looking for answers for my students and for people that ask me questions if you’re looking for immediate way to make money go ahead and grab that it’ll earn about a grand or two but what you do and what I suggest by doing that is if you want to actually take advantage of this offer you know clearly you can just basically make that initial money stop and then use that money to invest in a legitimate business which will be smart and will be passive and will pay you long term over that you know the the weeks months and years to come so that’s something to keep in mind comment down below you know how sleazy you think this is clearly you can make money doing it I’m just trying to bring solutions to you know the everyday entrepreneur that is struggling so if you you’re looking for something new that will pay you immediately and you’re in a bind because I know there’s a lot of people out there that have money issues that want to get started that have the drive but don’t have the initial funds, so stay tune in next posting ya..

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