Kursus bahasa Inggris online murah dengan native speaker di Bali

I’m an American living in Indonesia ready to help you learn English
the method is ONLINE teaching as I am now in remote area eastern part of Indonesia
the method is ONLINE teaching, as you know our life goes to digital now.


Why online?
-> Because of the more flexible time, you specify the time selection option that I give a morning, afternoon, evening or night.
-> Cost effective & affordable
-> Focusing & Effective because the one and one mentoring method focuses on one student
-> It is freer to interact with the teacher, no need to be ashamed as if in class, not needing to be inferior because of private teaching.
-> Without restrictions on places, free traffic doesn’t have to be in class, the rest is looking for a comfortable place with an internet connection and a laptop/cellphone can learn.
Curious about the price? don’t worry, the price doesn’t make bankrupt.just DM me we will reply you soon. It is really Indonesian price, affordable, and you get native speaker 🙂
And the package consists of:
-> 8 x meetings
-> the duration of the meeting is 60 minutes
-> The schedule can be chosen is 2x a week
      with schedule A choice (Monday & Wednesday), B (Tuesday & Thursday) C. (Wednesday & Friday)
-> The choice of time can be arranged according to your time there are 4 choices A time (Morning 9-I0 am), B, Daytime (2 -3 pm), C Evening (4-5pm) D, Night (hours 8-9pm)
-> Get a placement test at the beginning for free to find out the appropriate starting material.
-> Will get a certificate at the end of class.
-> Free counseling chat with mentors
Interested, you can comment or DM us or WA at this number 08114604800
with typing format
Register space Name space Phone Number space Package (conversation / Business / General)  space schedule  (A/B/C) time space (A,B,C,D).
We will immediately follow up and check the class spots that are available.
MR BIG ENGLISH WA 08114604800
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